Social Curator is a fast-paced, high-energy, startup experiencing rapid growth...and we wanna grow even faster!  

We have an opening for a User Experience Designer who will work closely with our Product Manager, Developers and CTO to define our product strategy and enhance our user's perception and interaction with our product. We're looking for someone who wants to join a fast growing company and play a key role in the success of team...the job perks include dad jokes, working independently, and laughter during stressful moments.  

The User Experience Designer is an integral part of the Social Curator Technology Team. He or she uses their high-level communication and problem-solving skills to formulate and design new feature prototypes to maximize impact on the user's satisfaction with the product and it's features which ultimately influences an increase user retention rate month over month. 

Why would you want this job?

  • Autonomy, within a defined structure. You know what’s expected and then you’re given the freedom to be effective. 
  • A cool team that loves helping out and getting involved when they’re needed. 
  • You’re wired for growth and love the idea of being part of a fast growing company.  


How you'll know you're killing it:   

  • You’re able to stay on top of your tasks and stay one step ahead of the CTO.
  • You are able to switch between big picture vision and small details/systems at the drop of a hat.
  • You are a forward thinker and consistently find ways to streamline efficiencies. 
  • You solve problems and offer solutions without being asked.  
  • The team sends you heart-eyed emojis on the daily.

What you need to have/be:  

  • Excellent Communication Skills - good at conveying thoughts and ideas in written and verbal form
  • Proven experience as a UX Designer with a strong portfolio of design projects
  • Thorough understanding of our product and our user
  • Strong presentation and story telling skills
  • Familiarity with interaction design and information architecture
  • Able to receive feedback (both good and bad) and act on it to improve the user experience
  • Be an expert on product design
  • Exemplify a user-centric mindset
  • Ability to rapidly create wireframes and conduct usability testing
  • Superior knowledge and skillset using industry tools such as Sketch, InVision, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Zaplin, and OnmiGraffle
  • Proficiency preferred in Asana, Slack, G-Mail, etc.
  • You’re a born GO GETTER – always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up, and make the world a better place
  • A logical thinker who processes outside of emotional connection. You can think big picture and switch gears to plan out all of the details to make big projects come to life.
  • Commitment to deadlines. You always do what you say you're going to do.
  • Adaptability- You are able to be fluid and flexible in fast paced work environment and do not shut down when there is additional stress. 
  • Time management skills - You are always on time (or early) and you know how to protect others' time so they are able to focus on their most important tasks.
  • Humility and Service – You focus on how you can build a vision bigger than the Founder, and yourself and you believe there's no job too big or too small.

….and it would be great if you had:  

  • 2+ years working directly for a startup SaaS company
  • Experience working on a remote team
  • An interest in dessert (we love sweets!)  

On a warm-n-fuzzy note, we'd love you to:  

  • Be the forever optimist and someone the team can rely on. 
  • Be kind yet direct in your communication style
  • Be incredibly detail-oriented. 
  • LOVE learning new things. 
  • Just ‘figure things out’ without too much guidance. 
  • Be a confident decision maker.
  • Stay one step ahead, proactively making adjustments to ensure success.
  • Adaptable and have no qualms about how quickly things change around here. 
  • A roll-up-the-sleeves, help-wherever-whenever-you-can type. 
  • Have an independent, undaunted, must-do attitude. You know what needs to get done, and nothing's going to stop you.
  • Be professional, polished & mature with no drama. 

A few of the things we value at Social Curator:  

  • An open culture, we share our wins and your input is truly valued. 
  • As a bootstrapped company (no external funding), we work really hard to know the ROI of all activity, you’ll need to understand your numbers inside and out (we can teach you this!) 
  • Hard work + lots of laughter + wine. 
  • Work-life “blend.” We know you have a life outside work — and at Social Curator, you can also have a life inside work. All your talents (not just the ones written in a job description.) We want you to bring your whole personality to your role.  

The nitty gritty:  

  • You’ll need to bring your A-game to work each day.
  • There may be some travel required, including our annual team getaway.
  • Available to work 40 hours per week (Hours are somewhat flexible)  

Application Instructions:  

**Please note, all items must be completed and submitted to be considered for this role.** 

1. A cover letter and PDF of your resume.

2. A screenshot of your results from taking >>THIS<< Myers-Briggs Personality Test  

3. A PDF or screenshot of your results from taking >>THIS<< DISC assessment.

4. A 1-2 minute video introducing yourself to the team and telling us what excites you most about working at Social Curator (yes your iPhone is fine and no, we won't review videos over 2 minutes). Please upload your video to Youtube (unlisted works for us) and send us the link!

5. A link to your project portfolio consisting of at least 3-4 projects you're most proud of.

6. In the body of your email, please answer these questions:

A) Do you feel your Myers-Briggs test was an accurate reflection of you? (why or why not?)

B) Why do you feel you're perfect for this position?

To submit the information above to be considered for the position, send an email to Please use this specific subject line: I'm Social Curator's new UX Designer.