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I’m giving you VIP access to a consultation I had with four business owners JUST LIKE YOU looking to take their business to the next level!  

During this conversation we discussed the top three things business owners want to know when it comes to growing their business. By watching this FREE 5-part video series you’re going to learn how to:  

Stick out from the competition Get your business noticed Attract more of the right clients  

When you watch this 5-part video series, you’ll learn the answers to topics that will help take YOUR business to the next level.  

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What Is Your Brand’s Message?  

Jasmine opens the 5-part video series by teaching about the three tenants of business, as well as introducing the 4 entrepreneurs you will watch her coach. Then, she discusses that people follow accounts on social media for the benefits they receive, and why getting clear on your brand’s message is the most important distinction you can make for your business.


How To Get Your Business Seen  

Part 2 of the video series is all about how to get your business seen by more people through lead acquisition, understanding why people buy on social media in the first place, and using Facebook and Instagram ads with a proven strategy.


Positioning Your Business  

Jasmine discusses how to position your business to stand out amongst the competition by reiterating your brand message and addressing your ideal client’s pain points. She also explains that aesthetics on Instagram are not as important as a branded bio and teaches the 5 components you need in your bio.


Creating Your Social Media Content  

Jasmine and the 4 entrepreneurs workshop what they should be sharing on social media, how to know what is too much, and what works best for engagement.


How To Be A Visionary For Your Business  

To wrap up the series, Jasmine teaches what it means to be a visionary for your business and how to act like a CEO. She also gives examples of how to invite conversations on social media, and learn more about our ideal client to serve them the best we can.

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